Lodge St. David No. 903


Warrant No. 903 was originally issued on 2 July 1801 to the CARLOW MILITIA. A duplicate was issued 4 July 1816, and removed to CARLOW. The warrant was cancelled on 4 July 1822, and reissued on 7 December 1989 for the Constitution of Lodge St. David.

The Lodge was constituted on the 14th March, 1990, as a working Lodge but with a distinct bias towards Masonic Musical Research. Each year the Lodge traditionally holds one communication outside Hong Kong.

Stated Communications

The stated communications are in the months of January, March, May, June (installation), August, September and November.

Officers for the Year 2023-2024

  • Master
    W. Bro. Carl Chan


  • Senior Warden
    Bro. Joseph Chan

    Senior Warden

  • Junior Warden
    Bro. Alan Kwok

    Junior Warden

  • Treasurer
    R.W. Bro. Calvin Chau


  • Secretary
    W. Bro. Ronald Kwok


  • Director of Ceremonies
    W. Bro. Daniel Kwok

    Director of Ceremonies

  • Chaplain
    W. Bro. C.O. Mok


  • Senior Deacon
    Bro. Ronald Fok

    Senior Deacon

  • Junior Deacon
    Bro. Eric Wong

    Junior Deacon

  • Assistant Treasurer

    Assistant Treasurer

  • Assistant Secretary

    Assistant Secretary

  • Assistant Director of Ceremonies

    Assistant Director of Ceremonies

  • Steward


  • Steward


  • Steward


  • Steward


  • Steward of Charities
    W. Bro. Fletcher Leung

    Steward of Charities

  • Almoner
    W. Bro. Nelson Yeung


  • Organist

    Director of Music

  • Organist


  • Inner Guard
    Bro. Kelvin Ko.

    Inner Guard