Adelphi Council of Knight Masons No. 118

Adelphi Council of Knight Masons No.118 was constituted and dedicated on 19 September 2020 under warrant from Grand Council of Knight Masons. R.E. Sir Knight Brendan S.C. Bong was the Great Chief designate to conduct the ceremony with dignity and honour.

The name of the Council was chosen because of its meaning from the Ancient Greek ἀδελφός (adelphós, “brother”).

Most Excellent Great Chief, M.E. Sir Knight Bernard Woods also said in his Foreword to the Constitution & Dedication of Adelphi Council of Knight Masons No.118, “The great author C.S. Lewis explains in his wonderful book The Four Loves: storage expresses the affection that people feel for members of their family, philia expresses love between friends, eros expresses the love between a man and a woman who “fall in love”, and agape expresses our Great Creator’s love for humankind and our love for one another. C.S. said: “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Masonic Brotherly love will be honoured and celebrated in years to come!

Officers for the Year 2023 -2024

  • Excellent Chief
    E. Sir Knight David Lee

    Excellent Chief

  • Senior Knight
    Sir Knight Billy K.K. Chan

    Senior Knight

  • Junior Knight
    Sir Knight Wong Chi Kwong

    Junior Knight

  • Scribe
    E. Sir Knight Paul P.L. Lui


  • Treasurer
    E. Sir Knight Percy K.W. Fung


  • Director of Ceremonies
    E. Sir Knight Alexander K.C. Lee

    Director of Ceremonies

  • Priest
    R.E. Sir Knight Ko Ying


  • Senior Warden
    Sir Knight Ray L. Wang

    Senior Warden

  • Junior Warden
    Sir Knight David S.H. Tse

    Junior Warden

  • Assistant Director of Ceremonies

    Assistant Director of Ceremonies

  • Assistant Scribe

    Assistant Scribe

  • Captain of Guard
    Sir Knight Thomas S.T. Leung

    Captain of Guard

  • 2nd Captain of Guard
    Sir Knight Alfred Y.W. Wong

    2nd Captain of Guard