Sino Lusitano Lodge of Macau No. 897


The Lodge was warranted on 2nd June 1988 to meet either at Hong Kong or Macau.

Stated Communications

The Stated Communications of the Lodge are on the third Saturday of February, the second Saturday of May, the second Thursday of June and August, the fourth Saturday of October and the first Monday of December, with the Installation in June.

Officers for the Year 2023-2024

  • Master
    W. Bro. Timothy Davis


  • Senior Warden
    Bro. Graham Barkus

    Senior Warden

  • Junior Warden
    W. Bro. Andrew Carter

    Junior Warden

  • Treasurer
    W. Bro. Jeremy Stone


  • Secretary
    W. Bro. Michael Fawdry


  • Director of Ceremonies
    W. Bro. Christoper Carroll

    Director of Ceremonies

  • Chaplain
    V.W. Bro. Martin Thomas


  • Senior Deacon
    Bro. Nigel Sharman

    Senior Deacon

  • Junior Deacon
    Bro. Arnold Grospe

    Junior Deacon

  • Assistant Treasurer

    Assistant Treasurer

  • Assistant Secretary

    Assistant Secretary

  • Assistant Director of Ceremonies

    Assistant Director of Ceremonies

  • Steward


  • Steward

    Apologue Steward

  • Steward of Charities
    Bro. Gian Paulo Peloso, Boysh Lam, Michael S.K. Ng

    Steward of Charities

  • Almoner
    W. Bro. Alexander Lee


  • Organist


  • Inner Guard
    Bro. Peter Wong

    Inner Guard