Hamilton Council of Knight Masons No. 67

Hamilton Council of Knight Masons No.67 was constituted on Friday 21st October 1960 under warrant from Grand Council of Knight Masons. The name of the Council was taken after Very Excellent Sir Knight Hans A.A. Hamilton who was in the Chair of Persia Council No.8 of Knight Masons in 1936. The Council draws its members mainly from companions of the Irish Royal Arch Chapters here in Hong Kong. In 2010, the Council celebrated its 50th Anniversary and on 18.09.2010 a Re-Dedication Ceremony was carried out by M.E. Sir Knight Bernard V.A. Woods, the Most Excellent Great Chief, at Zetland Hall, 1 Kennedy Road.

In olden times Knight Masonry Degrees were worked in Knight Templar Preceptory or in Prince Masons Chapter under the name of Red Cross Degrees: the Babylonian Pass, Jordan Pass and Royal Order or Prussian Blue. By 1923 the Grand Council of Knight Masons was formed and took over the jurisdiction of the working of the Degrees of Knight of The Sword, Knight of the East, and Knight of the East and West as they are known today.

Officers for the Year 2024

  • Excellent Chief
    E. Sir Knight Vincent Cho

    Excellent Chief

  • Senior Knight
    Sir Knight Terence Wu

    Senior Knight

  • Junior Knight
    Sir Knight Richard Law

    Junior Knight

  • Scribe
    E. Sir Knight Charles Ngan


  • Treasurer
    E. Sir Knight Frederick Leung


  • Director of Ceremonies
    E. Sir Knight Percy Fung

    Director of Ceremonies

  • Priest
    E. Sir Knight Alexander Lee


  • Senior Warden
    Sir Knight Tommy Cheng

    Senior Warden

  • Junior Warden
    Sir Knight Carl Chan

    Junior Warden

  • Assistant Director of Ceremonies
    E. Sir Knight Marco Lau

    Assistant Director of Ceremonies

  • Assistant Scribe
    E. Sir Knight Danny Lee

    Assistant Scribe

  • Captain of Guard
    Sir Knight Stanley Lo

    Captain of Guard

  • 2nd Captain of Guard
    Sir Knight Parken Tai

    2nd Captain of Guard