Arthur Gomes Lodge of Installed Masters No. 1001


The Lodge was constituted on 18th December 1998.

Stated Communications

The Stated Communications of the Lodge are on the first Tuesday of January, February, April, May, June (Installation) and October.

Officers for the Year 2023 - 2024

  • Master
    V.W. Bro. Percy K.W. Fung


  • Senior Warden
    W. Bro. Alexander K.C. Lee

    Senior Warden

  • Junior Warden
    V.W. Bro. Kenneth T.L. Wong

    Junior Warden

  • Treasurer
    R.W. Bro. Sandy Y.K. Tang


  • Secretary
    W. Bro. Nelson K.H. Yeung


  • Director of Ceremonies
    W. Bro. Stanley K.W. Chu

    Director of Ceremonies

  • Chaplain
    V.W. Bro. Fred S.H. Ng


  • Senior Deacon
    W. Bro. Daniel T.L. Kwok

    Senior Deacon

  • Junior Deacon
    W. Bro. David S.H. Tse

    Junior Deacon

  • Assistant Secretary

    Assistant Secretary

  • Assistant Director of Ceremonies

    Assistant Director of Ceremonies

  • Steward


  • Steward


  • Steward of Charities
    W. Bro. Sunny K.S. Tsang

    Steward of Charities

  • Almoner
    V.W. Bro. Denys L.P. Kwan


  • Inner Guard
    W. Bro. Ronald W.C. Kwok

    Inner Guard