DGRACFEIC Chapters and Knight Masons

In Hong Kong all three Royal Arch Chapters and one Knight Masons that are warranted to meet under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Ireland are represented by the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Far East. This Provincial Grand Lodge was petitioned for in 1988, and prior to this all Irish Lodges in Hong Kong came under the Inspectorate District of the Far East.

  • Shamrock Lodge No. 712

    Emerald Royal Arch Chapter No. 712

    The Chapter was warranted on the 10th March 1955, to meet at Victoria, Hong Kong. It meets on the third Thursday of January (Installation), and the last Fridays of June (Mark) and August (Royal Arch). Read More

  • Lodge Erin No. 463

    Bauhinia Royal Arch Chapter No. 322

    With the continuing expansion of Irish Craft Masonry over past decades from the original two lodges to the present seven, it has long been a concern that the one existing Royal Arch Chapter was insufficient to provide for the increasing numbers of Master Masons in the Craft. Read More

  • The Emerald Lodge of Hong Kong No. 883

    Baden Powell Royal Arch Chapter No. 929

    The new Chapter will provide opportunity for more Brethren to advance their Masonic career and benefit from the further mysteries of Royal Arch Masonry. Read More

  • Hamilton Council of Knight Masons No.67

    Hamilton Council No. 67

    Hamilton Council of Knight Masons No.67 was constituted on Friday 21st October 1960 under warrant from Grand Council of Knight Masons. The name of the Council was taken after Very Excellent Sir Knight Hans A.A. Hamilton who was in the Chair of Persia Council No.8 of Knight Masons in 1936. Read More

  • Adelphi Council of Knight Masons No.118

    Adelphi Council No. 118

    Adelphi Council of Knight Masons No.118 was constituted and dedicated on 19 September 2020 under warrant from Grand Council of Knight Masons. R.E. Sir Knight Brendan S.C. Bong was the Great Chief designate to conduct the ceremony with dignity and honour. Read More